Performance Measurement of Animation Design Pre-Production Artist During COVID-19 Pandemic in India

This research focuses on the development of the Indian animation industry. In Animation Pipeline pre-production is an important stage that determines the success of a film. Create and develop a story is the fast step and all other steps have to follow that storyline till final film realized. In this research paper present the survey base online questionnaire and the data has been collected of 300 artist who belong into Indian animation industry conducted in September 2020 by using google form. In general, Indian animation industry mostly run into production and post production (technical) base work so Indian animation industry has a smaller number of vacancies for pre-production (design and planning) artist and also having a very a smaller number of design and planning artist because of that they have highly demand. To evaluate and determine the factors that may affect the level of Indian animation pre-production industry. The study helpful to identify the animation industry current need and it focuses on planning stage to production of a movie. This research paper concludes 95% of artist working into the industry for production and post production if they are properly working into preproduction and then start into the movie work then there will be more vacancy for pre-production artist and end of the day production cost reduced up to 25 %.