Deep Psychological Learning of Japanese Anime Graphics in India Using Cognitive Computation

This paper analyzes the Japanese Animation (Anime), their art style, how it is created, about popular Anime series and movies, their growth, and adaptation in India and mainly about the growing Anime fans. Majority of Anime series and movies still use two-dimensional (2D) animation style even though there are constant technological advancements in the field of media and entertainment. Though there are setbacks in Anime, we can observe that the growth in Anime viewership is constantly rising. The animation pipeline system that is involved in the making of an Anime will also be explained in detail for a better understanding of the animation process. A research is conducted through a questionnaire form to collect the required information for the study. The data collected is examined methodically and reported. The respondents are the Anime fans, Anime viewers, Anime influencers of all age groups. The survey is mainly to understand why they prefer watching Anime, how often they watch anime? what do they like about it? how were thy influenced to watch Anime? and if Anime fans influenced other individuals to watch Anime and how many people have, they influenced to watch Anime.